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The Roles and Functions of a Copier Technician

Inasmuch as many roles, including the ‘recreation’ of written materials, have become automated, no machine functions without the assistance a human. When it comes to printing and copying documents, even the most sophisticated machine cannot operate without a trained individual in its operations. More so, when damaged, the machines cannot fix themselves. As such, the services of a Copier Technician become important. A Copier Technician is an individual who has received previous training and canrepair faulty copiers. As simple as ‘repairing copiers’ sound, it has its fair share of complexities. According to Wikipedia,a technician is “a worker in a field of technology who is proficient in the relevant skills and techniques, with a relatively practical understanding of the theoretical principles”. In essence, experienced technicians in anymachinerytypically have intermediateknowledge of said techniques – depending on their requirements. It is their proficiency in these functions and the frequency of their services that make them generally better in themthan average laymen and, sometimes,even theoretical professionals in that field of technology. A Copier Technician, alsoknown as a field engineer, is a professional who works at job sites other than the main company office or headquarters. As a result of the scope of their job, they are usually required to service clients at their homes or businesses. He or she may perform various functions, including the installation of hardware, servicing of machines, or simply maintaining previously installed machinery. While theoretical knowledge may come in handy, copier technicians are expected to have proper expertise in their areas of service. This would usually require a good level of familiarity with the product, and an ability to think of possible solutions on the spot. Beyond the technical aspects of the roles of Copier Technicians, proper interpersonal skills would also be required, as they typically work directly with clients. Motor skills are also required, for apparent reasons. The Copier Technician generally has a practical knowledge of theoretical principles. Consequently, while theregular individual states the problem, the copier can further define the problem. Also,while an engineer can define the location of the problem,it is the function of the copier technician to fix it.

Required skills of a Copier Technician

For the benefit of those who are interested in becoming professionals, two major skills are required of a Copier Technician.

Problem solving skills

The concept of problem solving can bewide; however, its basic principles require individuals to possess certain skills that allows them find solutions to issues. A great way to look at it, is from the point of solving puzzles. Great preliminary preparation for an individual who wants to become a copier technician, is taking time out to solve puzzles. Sudoku, Jigsaw puzzles, and even Rubik cubes are some of the best kinds around. What this does, is to aid the development of mental processes required to solve copier problems, amongst others. Video games could also offer beneficial preliminary training. You need to understand the necessity of processes, management of resources, and be mechanically inclined. If you are one to cook your meal as oppose buying it, then you are right on course.

Relevant qualifications

While we have said that Copier Technicians generally place more value on their expertise as oppose theoretical ‘baggage’, a level of education is required. Also, you would be required to take an industry standard test that proves you are proficient in necessary areas. Generally, a good qualification is necessary. A particular IT certification that Copier Technicians usually take is the CompTIA PDI+ examination. Understanding the basic requirement of copier technicians are important, and those with network inclined backgrounds generally stand better chances. A CompTIA n+ certification would also be an added advantage. In-service certifications and trainings are generally provided by employers. These qualifications would show that you are proficient in said techniques.

Basic Copier Theory

For those who are not savvy in the duties of Copier Technicians but still wish to learn basic copier and printer functions, these basic functions on a Fax machine can give you a head start.

Paper section

Paper is fed from the trays or the input section and it then travels by the drum where it receives an image. Next, it goes to the fuser where that image is burned in, and the paper then exits the copier to be picked by the end user.

Where there is a paper jam

You would be required to find out where the paper stops or got stuck. You also need to see what has caused the blockage. It could have been blocked by a simple paperclip, a broken gear, and so on.

For image problems

The Fax takes a picture of the image and then turns that image into electronic signals.It then shoots them over to the drum where it is changed from a set of electronic signals into texts and images on paper.

Broken parts

Where parts are broken, check the parts manual, and order.Otherwise, use search engines to source for them.

About lines on copies

You would be required to carry out an internal print meter report or status report. Next, carry out a copy job. Where you see lines on the copies but not on prints, then the part that takes the picture is bad or possibly dirty. Also, where there are lines on the prints but not the copies then the issue is with the original version or an internal memory problem. Where there are lines on both, then you might have a dirty camera, laser or fuser.

Grinding Noises

Where the Fax is making grinding noises there is a cracked or broken gear.

Where it is not turning on

Here, the switch outlet could be responsible. Otherwise,you would need to test the power cable with a continuity test. Ifit is still not turning on, then test the power supply. If the problem persists, use the service manual. The manufacturer’s service line is the option of last resort. You can always use the internet orask tech forums as well.