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TutuApp is the app store which is widely used today to get the MOD versions of games and premium apps for free. This is the Chinese App Store that lets you access the premium apps and games for free and even hack the cool games on your Android device. Today people are very crazy about playing the Pokemon Go game. The gameplay is about searching around the creatures and catching them in the game. But, sometimes you find this game quite boring as you simply need to walk around and around to find and catch the pokemons. So, developers have now designed a MOD version of this game called TutuApp Pokemon Go. This is the hacked version of the game where you don’t have to wonder on streets to find pokemon. You can simply sit back at your home and stimulate the game to walk for you and catch the Pokemons on the way.

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What is TutuApp Pokemon Go?

Download TutuApp is the hacked version of the original Pokemon Go game. This is the game where the players are not required to wander around the local streets for the sake of finding the creatures and catch. The hacked version of the game would do this for you and you can sit back at home and enjoy playing it. The MOD version of the game comes with a joystick which you need to use to walk around in the neighborhood and find Pokemons to catch with your Smartphone. The real walking is excluded from the cracked version. The only drawback associated with the game is that it works with rooted devices online. So, you need to gain root access of your Android phone to make use of TutuApp Pokemon Go version.

Method One – Downloading of TutuApp Pokemon Go for Android

The very first method to download the cracked version of Pokemon Go game is to download the TutuApp Pokemon Go APK on your device and install it manually. Below you will come across the steps to download it on your Android successfully. Simply follow the steps to download it on your Android device using the TutuApp Latest Version.

  • Firstly you are required to download the latest version of TutuApp on your Android device. There are many reliable third party websites from where you need to download the APK file of the application as it is not officially available on Google Play Store.
  • After it is downloaded successfully on your device you need to open the application
  • Now search for TutuApp Pokemon Go on the application
  • From the search list, you need to download the cracked game.
  • Tab on the Apps Drawer list and find for the TutuApp Pokemon Go Game
  • You will see the large green button for downloading the application. Click on it to start the downloading process. Once you click it will ask you to open the link on the mobile browser
  • Choose the browser of your choice to install the cracked game on Android. It will also ask for your permission so simply click on “Yes”.
  • Head towards Apps Drawer again and click on Pokemon Go TutuApp
  • You are done and the game is successfully installed on your Android device.

The Most Common Targets

Hackers have their webby nets spread across the ocean of activities and their targets ranges.

Corporate Networks

There are huge data on corporate computers. Once hackers can beat the securities what awaits them are usually valuable information that they can steal or manipulate.

Web Servers

Since the Web Servers are warehouse to websites, they are usually useful to the hackers who want to tamper popular sites and showcase what they want the public to see.

Personal Computers

As many enjoy wifi, their devices have basically become exposed to hacking. Whatever sites you visit online could be used to attack you via ‘sniffing’ tools. Your passwords, login details, bank PINs, Facebook data, tweets; messages are easily subjected to cyber theft and manipulation.

Tablets and Palm Top devices

It really doesn’t matter any longer if it’s your personal little devices. The same way the hacker can tweak the Wi-Fi on a laptop, same way he will on your hand held devices.

How You Can Protect Yourself

Every internet user can become a victim. Knowing this basic truth should make you seek the appropriate protection. And should you truly seek total invisibility to hackers. Then you must get a VPN security for your personal devices.
As far as sniffing is concerned, firewalls and antivirus software can't help you. You must ensure you are protected by a personal VPN. It offers you a total secured channel while you surf the internet.